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SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a complex combination of multiple strategies that are required to improve the website ranking about how it appears on search engines. For example if you search for some word in a search engine, there are many websites; some are on top and some on the bottom! The top websites have the highest rankings and the ranking decrease as the websites fall to the bottom of the search results.

The collection of methods used for making your website to come in top of the search results is called SEO. It is not a technical method, and just a mixture of simple methods makes it possible. But it needs dedication and efforts to improve the rankings as understanding the type of website and how it can be improved is important. Many people who own websites hire professional SEO service providers to do that on their behalf. However, this is a very crucial decision as hiring a wrong person for this task can do irrecoverable damage to your website.

For increasing the ranking of your website, you must review the site content and shortlist the issues like keyword usage, stuffing or backlinks quality. Using a good advice on JavaScript, error pages, and redirects can be very helpful too! You can also get SEO training from many Institutes offering the courses related to website development. This can save you a lot of money as every time your website lose ranking, you cannot afford to hire a professional. You can do it yourself by just improving the keywords and Meta-Tags while sitting at your home. Here are some myths and truth about them:

•    A 100 % guarantee of No.1 ranking:

Well, if an SEO providing company is offering 100 % guarantee for a million dollars, it can be right but for a normal cost, it is not possible. Any search engine optimization company cannot promise you absolute results. All they can do is try to improve the rating by applying different strategies. SEO doesn’t control the search engines as they are stronger enough to be controlled by software or tools. Always search and compare different search engine optimization providers before hiring one. A wrong choice can do much damage to your website instead of improving its ranking. So there is not 100% guarantee of anything on the internet. The internet trends change quickly and unexpectedly. Nothing can be predicted about anything.

•    Hiding text on your website:

If you think you can hide text on your website nowadays, you were living a life of decades ago. The keyword density is a very important factor for your website ranking. If your web page is stuffed with similar keywords, search engines decrease the rankings automatically, and your website will appear on bottom results. Doing this in the name of SEO is illegal. You cannot hide the keywords from your website page just to increase the ranking. Strong search engines like GOOGLE will catch you, and you will have to face their penalty.

•    A successful SEO depends on Meta Tags:

Do you know that many search engines ignore the Meta Tags? So what is their importance for SEO? If someone is telling you to improve the website ranking using Meta Tags, there is no sense in this. They may influence the website ranking a little bit, but it doesn’t mean that SEO is dependent on them. They can just control what is displayed in the Google results. Meta Tags are different than Title tags and as a comparison, Title tags are more crucial for a successful search engine optimization, not Meta Tags!

•    Submitting to multiple search engines:

If you think that by resubmitting your website to many search engines can improve the ranking of your website, it’s totally wrong. Many SEO providers allure the clients by offering them to resubmit for them in the return of money. Powerful search engines like GOOGLE, BING, and yahoo update the website rankings automatically using the keywords and quality of content. Resubmitting every month or hiring a service for resubmission will be of no use if you are not updating the content of your website. It will be a sheer wastage of money. Try to improve the quality inbound links so that they can help improve the rankings in the long term and a legal way.

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